Buffalo Bay Store

The Best Pricing on the Best Selection of Gas, Convenience Items, Tobacco and Beer in Bayfield County

Providing all of your essentials; fuel, light grocery, snack, tobacco and beer, the Buffalo Bay Store has been an excellent addition to the Red Cliff Economic Development portfolio.

Buffalo Bay Store offers a wide range of convenience items include fuel, snacks, soda, cigarettes, coffee and beer.

​This combination makes it the ideal stopping place whether you're on your way to work, or off to the cabin for the weekend.

​We aim to be the ideal spot for a hot cup of coffee and your favorite pack of cigarettes. We also have the perfect combination of snacks, ice, soda and beer while you're on your way to the cabin.

The northern most Convenience Store in Wisconsin, located on the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reservation at 37360 State Hwy 13, Red Cliff, Wisconsin 54814.

Store Hours

Monday: 7AM-8PM
Tuesday: 7AM-8PM
Wednesday: 7AM-8PM
Thursday: 7AM-8PM
Friday: 7AM-8PM
Saturday: 7AM-8PM
Sunday: 9AM-5PM


Every month we run specials on snacks, soda, beer, cigarettes, coffee or other commonly purchased goods. Check back regularly to see our newest specials.

Buffalo Bay Store
37360 State Hwy 13
Bayfield, WI 54814
Phone: (715) 779-5309
Email: sales@buffalobaystore.com